Auction Bidding Service

We have the best strategies in place to successfully bid at auction. When bidding at an auction on behalf of a client, our intent is to save significant amounts of money by negotiating the best price and conditions on their purchase! At Your Australian Property Solutions we have a wealth of experience to draw upon. We have experienced auctioneers who understand the auction process.  We will provide the best solution for buying at auction for our clients to achieve success.

We understand the technical aspects including the auction rules and take a professional, calm, unemotional approach that gives you a massive strategic advantage.

All members of Your Australian Property Solutions’ are very experienced at post auction negotiation.

Our rates are $495 incl. GST for bidding and negotiation and a success fee of $495 incl. GST should we be successful at securing the property.

Your Australian Property Solutionssee ‘s negotiating the best price and conditions on a client’s purchase as one of the most important factors for our clients.  As such, we have bidding and negotiation strategies in place to purchase within your financial parameters.



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