HOME SCORE App: Instructions

An exciting tool, HOME SCORE allows you to draw on our expertise at every inspection you go to, anywhere in the world. A first of its kind, the app guides you through our proven Property Rating System as you rate the various property criteria, input important property features, upload photos and comments, the app finally provides you with a weighted HOME SCORE so you can easily compare the score against other similar properties and ultimately make an informed decision when buying or renting a property.

Buying or renting a property can be a daunting process. It’s difficult to know which home or investment is right for you when there are so many factors to consider such as the quality of the location, condition of building or the property’s rental suitability. With the help of HOME SCORE, you will always have a property expert with you.

HOME SCORE hopes you find this tool valuable as you evaluate your properties of interest and wishes you every success in your quest to maximise your wealth.

Benefits of using HOME SCORE:

  • Evaluating and rating any property to “Buy” or “Rent” anywhere in the world within minutes
  • Easily comparing, contrasting, assessing and rating multiple unlimited properties at a glance so you can confidently make informed and successful property decisions quicker
  • Eliminating stress and confusion when it comes to selecting the right property for you to “Buy” or “Rent”
  • Helping you analysis and determine the general desirability of your target property rather than relying on the agent or seller for advice
  • Saving you time so you can quickly eliminate properties with a low HOME SCORE.
  • Using our specific property rating system tailored for transaction types (Buy or Rent) and property types (House, Townhouse/ Villa Unit or Apartment/ Flat) according to a comprehensive, standardized and weighted list of criteria based on level of importance to you
  • Capturing images for each individual property
  • Using Maps and Street View to scope Places in the surrounding neighborhood anywhere in the world (e.g. public transport, train stations, freeways, shopping centers, cafes, parks, schools, etc.)
  • Providing a professional PDF report electronically to YOU, your family, friends, clients, lenders, financial planners and accountants or investment partners
  • Increasing your overall chances of buying the right property that will outperform the rest of the marketplace in terms of “long-term capital growth”
  • Available for both Android and Apple devices, HOME SCORE is a powerful real estate tool at your fingertips.
  • This page will help you use HOME SCORE and can be easily navigated to show detailed instructions including screenshots describing how each section works and what each function is.
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