Can I buy a property without the help and assistance from a buyer’s agent? That’s one of the decisions you’ll have to make when you begin the property-buying process. A buyer’s agent can certainly help you find that perfect property and negotiate with the selling agent or owner for the best price and conditions. But, it’s important to note that many people have bought their homes or investment properties without the help of buying agent especially due to the plethora of on-line real estate tools and on-line websites making this buying process even more convenient…

But has this ‘plethora of on-line convenience been a good thing or has it actually made the buying process much more difficult and confusing to the buyer?     

In my opinion, it’s quite evident it has made things much worse and even more confusing for the buyer. The reason this has occurred this way is because the real estate buying consumer has even greater buying choice in the history of the planet!  Having more choice often leads to greater confusion! In many ways it has led to today’s real estate buying consumers becoming increasingly frustrated, confused and feeling isolated in purchase indecision.  The initial excitement that’s often displayed when a real estate buyer first sets out in his/her quest to find that perfect property which of course is quickly evaporated once they find themselves totally overwhelmed with confusion.  They are either fearful that they may end up overpaying for a property or they feel they may forever be locked out of the homeownership. Eventually, what happens is after months and months of feeling totally overwhelmed and confused leads them to frustration and desperation where they just simply purchase a property for the sake of it because they are so frustrated!  Do you happen to know a family member or a friend, work colleague or even yourself that’s been in that situation?  I’m sure you can appreciate that not a good situation for anyone to find themselves in…

Well, there is of course another way! A much less stressful and less time-consuming way to find your perfect property by YOU employing the services of a buyer’s agent or advocate! 

Why You Might Want The Help Of A Buyer’s Agent?

Using a buyer’s agent could save you significant amounts of time and money. Buyer’s agents’ services include:

Finding listings & inspecting properties with you. Buying agents generally will have greater access to off-market properties that often no one even knows about until after the transaction has taken place.  They can also help you avoid paying too much for a property or certainly can deliver a buyer with huge savings as indeed I have when I have acted on behalf of buying clients.

Undertaking thorough due diligence on your behalf. The buyer’s agent or advocate would undertake thorough due diligence on your behalf.  They would do all of the research, comparable sales analysis, examine the real estate market conditions within the locality you are intending to purchase.  They would then provide you with a suggested buying range in terms of where they believe the price may fall within based on comparable sales and real estate market conditions within the locality of the property that’s being evaluated.  This of course eliminates or reduces your overall risk as well as saves you significant amounts of time.

Negotiating the price, sale conditions & settlement terms. Your agent can serve as a liaison between you and pushy selling agents.

 Final Word

Regardless of whether you decide to work with a buyer’s agent or doing it yourself, the key in achieving a successful outcome is that thorough detailed due diligence must be taken in order for YOU to be able to make ian informed purchasing decision!

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