Property Rating System

Many buyers want to know and understand exactly what characteristics to look for when deciding on which home or investment property to buy BEFORE ultimately deciding…

To help analyse these characteristics we developed our very own Property Rating System to determine:


We find that our Property Rating System is logical, unique and an independent way in assisting buyers in maximising their emotional and financial outcomes when buying a home to either:

  • live in
  • invest in
  • or both

We are pleased to have had such success with our Property Rating System that we wanted to share it further. And so, we developed a mobile home app called “HOME SCORE which is available for download here and through the app stores.

An exciting tool, HOME SCORE App allows you to draw on our expertise at every inspection you go to, anywhere in the world. A first of its kind, the app guides you through our proven property rating system as you rate the various property criteria, input important property features, upload photos and comments, the app finally provides you with a weighted Score so you can easily compare the score against other similiar properties and ultimately make an informed purchasing decision.

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