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If a property buying agent has too many clients they have industrialised what is a very personal and individual business and will inevitably have conflicts. Exclusivity is essential.


The following services are available to be tailored to your specific needs:

Our FIXED PRICE FEES are highly competitive and designed to eliminate confusion and provide a more focused, independent and transparent approach. The FIXED PRICE FEES are always discussed upfront with you at our initial meeting.

So why would you even contemplate paying a percentage-based fee to a buyer’s agent or advocate anyway?  Where is the so-called transparency in the buying process under this arrangement? Sadly, there is no transparency for the buyer in purchasing this way!  

A lot of our competitors prefer to charge a percentage fee (usually anywhere from 2-2.5%) of the purchase price which presents massive conflicts of interests for those who charge their clients this way!  When we have represented clients, we have usually spent the same amount of time negotiating on a $2,000,000  purchase as we would have on a $400,000 purchase. And, that’s the main reason why we charge our buying clients FIXED PRICE FEE at the same flat-rate irrespective of purchase price.  We have no built-in incentive for our clients to pay an inflated price in order to obtain a larger percentage-based fee which we certainly regard as being highly unethical!

If you want expert advice to help you get ahead in the property market which will you assist in turning your financial goals into reality, then register now,  by completing our Enquiry Form, and we will contact you shortly to organise a free no-obligation information session.

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