Who We Help

If a property buying agent has too many clients they have industrialised what is a very personal and individual business and will inevitably have conflicts. Exclusivity is essential.


Your Australian Property Solutions was established in 2016 by Managing Director, Zac Newbold. He has an extensive involvement and experience in all sectors of the real estate and property industry (residential & commercial) for 20+ years.  Zac’s business model is firstly built around helping his buying clients select the right property.  His company will then save the clients significant amounts of money by negotiating the best price and conditions on their respective purchases, whether private sale, expression of interest, tender or auction within a stress-free and time-saving environment!


We are an advisory-based property consultancy, based upon 40+ years’ combined experience within the real estate and property market. Whether you are buying or require other property assistance or advice,  Zac Newbold certainly can provide you with the necessary tools and professional support to put you in the best position for property wealth.


We help a wide range of clients, including time-constrained people that are either up-sizing to a larger home or down-sizing to a smaller home or investing in a property.  Listening to prospective clients, assessing their individual needs, addressing obstacles, formulating creative and collaborative solutions and negotiating successful outcomes is what we believe we do best, and is why we exist.


Your Australian Property Solutions’ offers clients a variety of services that are personalised, professional and transparent.

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