Who We Help

“It is not uncommon for buyers to allow emotions to affect their judgment. This stems from uncertainty, because they don’t want to make costly or regrettable decisions. What a buyer really needs is someone who’ll support, protect and represent their interests in a professional and independent manner, while at the same time assisting them during every step of the property buying process”, says Zac Newbold.

Your Australian Property helps a range of clients wherever they are on the property ladder. Listening to prospective clients, assessing their individual needs, addressing obstacles, tailoring collaborative action plans and negotiating successful outcomes is what we believe we do best. We offer:

  • Professional knowledge in showing you the best property on the market that meets your criteria.
  • Experience in buying a property anywhere in Melbourne
  • Time:We dedicate all of the necessary time to find the best property for you.
  • Access to sales data, ensuring a quick and thorough service.
  • Negotiation Skills:  It is easier, less stressful and saves time to have a professional agent negotiating on your behalf.