Your 6-Steps To Buying Property

Buying a home or investment property is one of the biggest investments you will ever make. Whether it’s your new home or an investment property, you want to find the most suitable property at the best price. But buying property isn’t an everyday experience, you might buy a property only a handful of times in your life.

For us the process of selecting and purchasing properties is our daily work that we love. Your Australian Property has helped many homebuyers and investors make informed purchasing decisions over many years. We have a proven process that keeps us focused and that we share with our clients to inform you at every step. Your 6-Steps To Buying Property is behind our success. Our transparency means you can be confident of buying the best property possible.


If you are a homebuyer our first step is to meet discuss and learn about your living and lifestyle requirements so we can find the ideal home for you. If you are an investor we will discuss your current investment strategies and your goals, and type of property you are looking to buy. By understanding your needs and property goals we can find the most suitable property for you.



We search and identify suitable properties on the market for homebuyers according to your living and lifestyle requirements. For investors our focus is to find and identify suitable properties to deliver you the best future capital growth potential.



We inspect each property to evaluate if it will meet your specific needs. If the property matches your requirements it is added to your property shortlist to await your review. Tracking every step using Your Property Tracker, our easy online service, we keep you up to date with our progress. It’s an interactive experience so you can check-in as much or little as you like.



When our shortlist is ready we meet with you to review the properties. We provide support and feedback at every step. At this point you instruct us on your decision about each shortlisted property. If you are an investor we select the property most suited to providing you with optimal future capital growth potential.



Comprehensive due diligence is undertaken only on the property selected from the shortlist. We analyse comparable sales and current real estate market conditions within the same locality. Using previous sales history, we determine the future price growth potential. Our detailed due diligence report is independent and objective highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of your selected property, and advising you of a realistic suggested buying range. 


Finally, we come to the most exciting part – negotiation with the selling agent or owner. We aim to make significant savings for you by negotiating the best price and conditions on your purchase. Whether it’s a private sale, an expression of interest, a tender offer, or an auction, we save you time and remove the stress of find the best property for you!

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