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1. Why won’t agents’ divulge the past sales history of a property they are selling to potential purchasers? Simple – the past sales history results may indicate very poor growth so they agent doesn’t want to jeopardize the sale.

2.  of people that purchase a property don’t even know what the sales history of that property is, nor do they even think it is useful information to have. The reason for this major oversight is that most people only look at the “NOW”.

3. The fact is that knowing what the past sales history of a property is, gives a good reliable indication to the likely capital growth in future years will be. Also, it can be quite useful in terms of what buying tactics to use as you know exactly what current owner’s paid for the property.

4. Analysing the past capital growth performance of a property through the use of the Your Australian Property Compound Calculator, is one of the many specialised tools that we use to measure the overall success of a property.

5. Because Your Australian Property is government licensed, we have special access to property sales databases. With access to this price sensitive information, we can find out a property’s sales history within minutes for you.

6. Contact Your Australian Property now so we can help you.

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