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Unfortunately, there are a number of unlicensed property marketing firms out there at present promoting particular properties (usually off the plan or brand new) offering long-term high capital growth potential. To put things into perspective, these firms are merely selling a product. So whatever information you are being told about these properties is based on lies and vested interests rather than the truth! So you really need to be very careful…

Interestingly, how can someone suggest that a new property will achieve long-term high capital growth when in fact there isn’t any past sales history or past track record defies logic…Why do they do this? It’s because they are pushing a product that they really want you to buy rather than looking after your best interests!

Often these property marketing firms approach overseas investors (usually Chinese investors) and convince them to pay over the “odds” of what these properties are worth just so they get their mark-up fees which can be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. This dodgy system works by the vendor or seller (usually a developer) by being approached by these property marketing firms and these property marketing firm loading a significantly higher premium to that sale price and then on-selling to their investor clients. The end-purchaser of course never knows about this dodgy system as just the purchase price that is paid goes onto the contract. As well as paying a higher purchase price, the purchaser also pays much higher stamp duty costs.

At Your Australian Property, we work exclusively for you, our client, because you are paying us a fee for service to represent your best interests in finding you the right property at the best possible price.


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