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A buyer advocate gives you access to ‘hidden’ properties at a reduced price and many other benefits so rather than asking what they cost, the better question to ask is: What’s the cost of NOT hiring one?  Those new to the concept of a buyer’s advocate may question the value of using someone else to find, evaluate, negotiate and purchase a property on your behalf when it’s already such an expensive process.  But, just as the seller is represented, you as a buyer should also have a professional by your side. Our independent buyer’s advocates work exclusively for you, finding you a great property and protecting you from overpaying or being outplayed by other buyers. We live and breathe the Melbourne market!  We take the stress out of smarter property buying and will always negotiate a better deal, finding a property that meets your requirements.

So, the cost of NOT hiring us as your buyer’s advocate, is that you will likely pay a much higher price on a property than what we would.  And, it’s also likely you’d waste a lot of your time and effort trying to find the right property which would prolong the buying and selling process!

Key benefits of using us as your buyer’s advocate:

  • We only represent and work with clients’ if we are certain we can deliver great value to them.
  • We’ve got the property negotiation skills and the expertise in dealing with the selling agents.
  • We’re extremely proud that we assist many different types of clients’, including:

– Upsizers, downsizers or investors in all locations in Melbourne!

– Relationship/marriage breakdowns.

– Time-constrained people.

– Confused or overwhelmed about the Melbourne property market.

– To avoid costly real estate mistakes in either purchasing the wrong property or overpaying.

– Privacy.

  • We save you money by saving your time.  Without us on your side to protect you, it can be very easy for you to waste valuable time turning up to auctions only to find out you’re not even close on the price.  Or worse, you’ve ended up overpaying on a property due to your lack of market knowledge and inexperience!
  • Time costs money. What’s your time worth? Without us on your side, buying a property in Melbourne can take significant amounts of time, effort and patience or many months to find the right property at the right price!.
  • Our fees to our clients are set and agreed on with each client, depending on the client’s specific requirements and services required. 
  • Our fees are always price competitive and are normally calculated as a percentage of the purchase price of the property, which range between 1-2% plus GST of the purchase price of the property, depending on the client’s brief and the services required. By charging a percentage-based fee to the client, we have found this method definitely works best and is the most cost-effective in respect to the client.
  • All our fees are tax deductible if you’re buying an investment.

Whether you’re buying a house, renovating your kitchen or doing your taxes, you will always have the right to do the work yourself, after all Australia is a democracy!  But, a lack of real estate expertise or time-constraints can often lead to costly mistakes!  And, that’s where Your Australian Property will make sure you’re buying the right property in the right location, at the right price!

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