Auction Bidding Service

#1 Auction Bidding Service Melbourne!

Requiring help or support with any of the following issues…

Overwhelmed or hate bidding at auctions?

Time-constrained or simply too busy?

Under pressure to buy due to having recently sold your family home?

Angry or frustrated with time-wasting selling agents who mislead you on the auction price guide?

Anxious or nervous about either paying too much or missing out at the auction?

Overwhelmed or stressed in negotiations with a selling agent in an auction, private sale, expressions of interest or tender?

Frustrated, anxious or daunted by the emotional pressures involved in downsizing?

Why You Might Need Our Help?

There are many reasons why property buyers should engage a professional bidder to assist them on auction day…

Do you realise that when you miss out at auction, the selling agent then becomes aware of what your full budget is? If you are buying at the upper end of town, this could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in your next negotiation. The value of anonymity in this process is priceless!

auction bidding on behalf


You’re wanting to hire an auction bidding expert to represent your best interests!

we can bid at auction on your behalf if you're unable to attend the auction


You’re unable to be at the auction, live too far away or too busy. We’ll bid for you!

bidding at auction on behalf of someone else in victoria


You’re wanting to purchase the property anonymously. We’d love to help you!

auction bidding tactics


You’re constantly missing out & losing opportunities. We’ll help you win!

auctions are always confusing and overwhelming


You’re not completely sure about how the auction process works. We’ll guide you!

auction bidding strategy


You’re unsure what’s the best strategy to use. We’ll bid & save you lots of money!

With 25+ Years’ Experience, Our Professional Auction Bidders Will Deploy Innovative Auction Bidding Strategies To Secure Your Dream Home Today!

auction bidding service melbourne
auction bidding strategy



bid at auction

Why Use The Auction Bidding Service?

There are amazing buying opportunities for experienced, shrewd and switched-on buyers, however inexperience can hurt your heart and your bank account. Our experienced team of expert buyer’s agents and professional auction bidders plan the auction strategy and bid at auction on your behalf and use our expertise to:

Gain the upper hand in bidding, based on assessment of the vendor and other bidders.

Stop you from further wasting time and money attending auctions that went above your price range.

Provide emotional and professional support which will help prevent you from paying too much in the heat of the moment.

Save you from the stress of high pressure negotiations with vendors and selling agents after auction.

What We Do – Auction Bidding Service

auction process

Signing Authority to bid on your behalf

30 minute strategy meeting prior to Auction

Post-auction negotiations, if required & post auction support

Strategic Auction Bidding

Pre- Auction Negotiation, if necessary &/ or beneficial

how to bid at auction
how to gain the upper hand in auction bidding
professional auction bidders and expert buyer's agents

Ensuring success at auction requires a strategic, objective approach. Taking emotion out of the process and drawing on extensive experience, Your Australian Property Auction Bidding Service can prove to be the resource you need to achieve the outcome you desire.

Our Professional Fees

Can I afford the auction bidding service?

Our professional auction bidders will plan the auction bidding strategy and bid on your behalf for $0 fees upfront!  Upon your successful purchase, a professional fee of only $800 plus GST is payable for this service.

Is the auction bidding service right for me?

Our auction bidding service has certainly provided many of our clients with an undeniable advantage against their competitors. Hiring a professional auction bidder to represent only you is certainly a great auction bidding strategy you should seriously consider deploying, if you really want to win!

Locations We Service

Our experienced Melbourne team of expert buyer’s agents and professional auction bidders will save you lots of time, money and stress!  In fact, we’ve represented many buyers at auctions and have purchased a wide range of properties, including  studios or bedsitters right through to multi-million dollar homes or commercial properties in all different price ranges and locations right across Melbourne!  View our service areas on the interactive map below.

Getting Started…

“Our professional auction bidders and expert buyer’s agents make it incredibly easy for you to get started!”

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