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“What a buyer needs is someone who’ll support, protect and represent their interests in a professional and independent manner, while at the same time assisting them during every step of the property buying process.”

Many people feel frustrated and overwhelmed with the buying process as it can be quite complex and time consuming.  We also understand that buying a property is one of the biggest investment decisions that you will ever make in your life and inexperience, poor preparation and time constraints can lead to costly mistakes.  Our professional buyers at Your Australian Property will help you overcome these obstacles and assist you every step of the way.  We pride ourselves on our reputation for being completely independent, transparent and objective – you can be confident that you will be thoroughly informed throughout the buying process, and by highlighting a property’s strengths and weaknesses, we will guide you to the purchase that is right for you at the right price.

Sellers receive a great deal of support from their selling agent but what about you, the buyer?  Whether you are time-constrained or don’t know the property market, it is easy to buy in haste and regret for the long term. Your Australian Property supports, protects and represents your interests, assisting you at every step of the buying process.  So, why entrust this most important decision to instinct alone, when you can benefit from our extensive experience in the real estate industry and expert local market knowledge?  Having us on your side and representing your best interests, will also protect you from overpaying, making the wrong decision or being outplayed by your competitors.  

Whether it’s finding your dream home or securing that perfect investment property or you require other specialist property assistance or advice, our experienced Melbourne property buying team of expert buyer’s agents, buyer’s advocates, professional auction bidders and property advisers, are ready to help and assist you today!

Our Expert Buyer Agents Will Make Your Life Easier By Assisting You At Every Step Of The Buying Process, Saving You Lots Of Time, Money And Stress!

Even if you’ve studied the property websites and attended viewings, you cannot be sure you have seen everything on the market. Finding the right property takes time and skill, let us do the hard work for you.  Utilising our specialised tools and extensive knowledge we will locate the home or investment property that is right for you.  By securing the right property at the right price, our Buyer Agents Service makes perfect economic sense! 

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Discover in just 30-Minutes how Your Australian Property can find and secure your dream home or perfect investment property in under 60-days by using our Simple 6-step Property Buying Process.  To find out more, simply complete the Contact Form below or you can contact us directly on 0418 144 644.

Highlights Of Service

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We support and advise you during every step of the buying process.

We aim to save you significant amounts of money by negotiating the best price and terms for your purchase.

Use of our ‘Buying The Right Property In 6-Simple Steps’ is aimed to make the property buying process easier, less stressful and quicker for you.

Our unique Property Buying Tracker system allows you to see all properties that have been identified and inspected by us. You can see in real-time which properties meets your needs and requirements and make comments accordingly. You may have as little or as much input as you wish.

We evaluate properties and negotiate on as many as required within an agreed specified time-frame.

We will suggest a realistic ‘estimated buying range’ on your selected property, based on comparable sales and current real estate market conditions.

Whether it is a private sale, expression of interest, tender offer or an auction – we will alleviate the stress and ultimately save you time.

Our Professional Fees

Service is flexible and can be easily tailored to your needs and requirements. 

An affordable initial deposit/ retainer fee is payable to commence finding your property.

Upon your successful purchase, a professional fee is payable. 

Our professional fees range up to 2% of your purchase price for this service.

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