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We Make It Incredibly Easy For You To Get Started

Your Australian Property is an independent and boutique Real Estate advisory consultancy, offering a range of highly tailored real estate advisory and transactional professional services, saving you considerable time, money and stress!

During our initial discussions you can always expect a friendly session with one of our passionate property experts, who only have one single client in mind, which is you! During your FREE strategy session, you will be asked some questions to get to know you and what kind of property you’re looking to buy.  We tailor this session to your requirements and needs and cover such topics, including:

buying melbourne property
Buy home or investment property or want both?
Price range?
Worries or concerns about purchasing property?
Priorities, needs and goals?
Current challenges in finding the right property?

We make it incredibly easy for you to get started and conduct a FREE strategy session in a relaxed and friendly environment to help determine the best purchasing strategy for you.  

If you’re keen for the right advice, let our expert buyer’s agents/ buyer’s advocates and professional auction bidders save you significant amounts of time, money, and stress! We guarantee this will be the best decision you will ever make!

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