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Have you ever noticed how everything in life seems to be getting increasingly harder and much more complex?  Technology, we’ve been told would make our lives, easier, convenient and give us even greater free time and flexibility. But it seems the more tech-savvy we become, the more complicated we make things.  For example, take a real estate transaction for instance. Once upon a time, it used to be a real estate agent fielding phone calls and arranging a few inspections, before a willing buyer came along and negotiated a purchase. Now though, times have totally changed.  There are now entire ‘sales teams’ in most agencies, with a whole crew of marketing and administrative staff in turn, giving the vendors a distinct advantage when it comes to negotiation.

In talking about technology, it’s true that over the past 20 years, we’ve seen profound changes occur within the real estate industry. The internet has dramatically changed the way buyers today, go about searching for homes or investment properties suitable to buy.  Prospective buyers can easily view properties shown for sale at any time of the day – 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. The prospective buyer simply turns his/ her computer on or opens up a real estate app from mobile phone or tablet device, taps a screen and within 30 seconds thousands of real estate listings start appearing.  It’s then up to the prospective buyer to sift through all of the ‘so-called junk’ or unsuitable real estate listings, using a process of elimination to find the right property.

At the very start of the property buying process, most buyers are very keen, positive and excited to find their dream home or perfect investment property. But, a buyer’s confidence can easily and quickly disappear if they become overwhelmed or stressed, because they’re unsure which property is best for them. The buyer then starts to feels distressed and fearful they may end up overpaying for a property or they may forever be locked out of home-ownership. After many weeks and months of inspecting properties, going to open for inspections or attending auctions, the prospective buyer is without a result. The prospective buyer becomes increasingly frustrated, overwhelmed and anxious, and simply decides to purchase any property without actually thinking about any of the consequences! This is often referred as the “frustrated purchase offer”. Do you happen to know a family member or a friend, work colleague or even yourself that’s been in that situation? I’m sure you can appreciate that it’s not a good situation for anyone to find themselves in…

While today’s real estate prospective buyers can conveniently and easily access more on-line resources than ever before, a lot of real estate consumers today are increasingly struggling and becoming overwhelmed or frustrated with the property buying process. Why? It’s simple – Prospective buyers will usually spend many painstaking hours over weeks, months or even years, searching and sifting through on-line all the available real estate listings for sale that they’re possibly interested in buying.  With a plethora of online of real estate listings to choose from on the internet, it can make the buying process quite confusing and complicated to the prospective buyer.

In turn, this on-line technology makes the buyer feel frustrated, confused or overwhelmed with the property buying process, as suddenly the buyer has too many real estate listings on-line to choose from. This causes them to feel isolated and without a clear direction what to do next, leading many of them to purchase indecision or making a costly mistake. The interesting thing is that this confusion doesn’t just happen to inexperienced buyers, it also can happen to the more seasoned property individuals who may have time constraints. Does this resonate with your current situation?

The other issue to be extremely mindful of whether the information on-line pertaining to the real estate listings is correct and accurate.  Very often real estate listings on-line may have accidental errors, deliberate or misleading information.  For example, errors in the key search criteria filters such as number of bedrooms, bathrooms or parking which means you may not find them.  Some other information may also not be accurate or reflective too, such as photos of the property and the property’s floor plan layout.  Often, the photos have been digitally enhanced to make the rooms look larger. Or, the other extreme, where the photos have not been taken properly or professionally.  A prospective buyer may avoid viewing or inspecting the property based on the photo understating the property, although the property may suit the requirements and is perfect for the buyer. A property’s floor plan layout too, may be incorrectly shown on-line with the floor plan layout’s proportion being totally out of whack and therefore being inaccurate.  Prospective buyers may instantly dismiss a property based on its floor plan not suiting their buying requirements, although their decision to dismiss is based on inaccurate information.  Put simply, on-line real estate listings are only as good as per the accuracy of the information which is supplied.

So, why would you even contemplate entrusting this most important and critical decision to instinct alone, when you can benefit from hiring a buyer’s agent who has the real estate experience, expertise and local market knowledge to help you?  


  1. A Buyer’s Agent will reduce the amount of confusion, as a buyer’s agent will quickly and easily sift through myriad of on-line real estate listings, as they know exactly what to look for and this is what they do best – find & identify the right property for each client. By hiring a buyer’s agent, the buying process is fast-tracked and it gives you total confidence and peace of mind!
  2. A Buyer’s Agent will significantly reduce the time it normally would take you to find your ideal property, when searching for real estate listings on-line for you.
  3. A Buyer’s Agent will have no emotional attachment in respect to searching and identifying properties for you.  By the buyer’s agent having no emotion in the buying process, it will make your life much easier and less stressful because you will know that your purchase decision will be made rationally and objectively on the skilled advice of a real estate professional.

Searching for properties to buy on-line may be convenient for some people, however, that’s largely dependent on whether you know how to do it or have time to devote to it.  But, having a buyer’s agent on your side,who is representing your best interests, and guiding you through every step of the property buying process will definitely make your life easier and less stressful!

Why Use a Buyer’s Agent in Melbourne?

Your Australian Property lives and breathes property and knows the Melbourne Property Market! We at Your Australian Property offer comprehensive end-to-end support from identifying and analysing your selected properties to dealing with selling agents, attending property inspections, purchase negotiations and / or auction bidding on your behalf. Our Independent Buyer’s Agents in Melbourne, will take the time to understand your situation and work out what your individual needs, specific requirements and property goals are, so we can begin searching for your next property. To get in touch with us today, please complete our Enquiry Form so we can discuss your objectives and outline our process in clear and simple terms.

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