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Your Australian Property are an independent and boutique Real Estate advisory consultancy and offer a range of highly tailored real estate advisory and transactional professional services, saving you lots of time, money and stress!

We will help you find or source properties, provide expert objective real estate advice, negotiate your purchase or sale transaction, based on the service package you choose.  Our team of expert buyer’s agents, professional auction bidders, real estate consultants and property advisers will also make your life easier by simplifying the buying and selling process for you!

Many people feel frustrated and overwhelmed with the buying and selling process as it can be quite complex and time consuming.  Buying or selling a property is also one of the biggest investment decisions that you will make in your life. Why entrust this most important decision to instinct alone, when you can benefit from our extensive experience in the real estate industry and expert local market knowledge?  Having us on your side and representing your best interests, will also protect you from making the wrong decision or being outplayed by your competitors.  

Auction Bidding Service - we plan the strategy and bid on your behalf at auction.  With 25+ Years’ Experience, Our Professional Auction Bidders Will Deploy Innovative Auction Bidding Strategies To Secure Your Dream Home Today!
Auction Bidding Service

There are smart buys to be had at auction but inexperience can hurt your heart & your hip-pocket. Our experienced team are expert buyer’s agents & auction strategists. We bid on your behalf & use our expertise to gain the upper hand in bidding, assuring success!

Commercial Service - Specialised property advice and expert negotiation for commercial owners, commercial buyers or commercial tenants.
Commercial Services

Commercial property advice & expert negotiation for commercial owners, commercial buyers or tenants, & includes: Strategic commercial advice; Lease-hold acquisition; Commercial free-hold acquisition & disposal; & Negotiating reviews, options & expiries.

The Buyer Agents Service is our full property buying service which can be easily tailored to your needs and requirements.
Buyer Agents Service

Be guided through every step of the way, from initial search to completed settlement – searching, identifying, inspecting, evaluating, shortlisting, due diligence & negotiation.  With this service you will feel totally confident of securing the right property at the right price!

Our Seller Advocacy Service has been specifically tailored to ensure maximum sale price is achieved for the vendor and also provide a genuine supportive selling service to help vendors make good decisions whilst under pressure.
Seller Advocacy Service

We take the stress out of selling your property.  From the first appointment right through to the ultimate sale, we manage the entire selling process, & provide on-going support & advice along the way.  Our Seller Advocacy Service assures maximum price!

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