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Off-Market Property


Committed to Exemplary Service

What is an Off-Market Purchase?

OFF-MARKET / PRE-MARKET properties are properties that are not publicly advertised for sale across mainstream real estate media. A Vendor/Seller lists their property with a real estate agent or on a website who then match the property to selected Buyers without the need for advertising or open inspections.  

Most of these OFF-MARKET properties are actually PRE-MARKET listings. There are also true OFF-MARKET properties listings where for whatever reason, a seller or vendor doesn’t want to the sale of their property to be public. These sales are also known as silent listings, quiet listings or pocket listings.

How are people buying property OFF-MARKET and what does it all mean?

When you’re searching for a property in Melbourne, it can seem near impossible to find the right property that fits your price and criteria. When you engage a Buyer’s Agent, you can access a whole series of Off-Market / Pre-Market properties that suit your needs and would be otherwise unavailable to you. A property for sale OFF-MARKET / PRE-MARKET is selling or has been sold without any public advertising or public scheduled inspections. Purchasing Off-Market / Pre-Market occurs if its owner is presented with an acceptable offer, but chose not to promote the sale. 

Buying on a public listing means that anyone can compete against you. When a buyers agent brings you an Off-Market / Pre-Market home to inspect, making an offer gives you the advantage of setting your price exactly where you want to, rather than feeling pressured by competing buyers. Our Buyer’s Agents at Your Australian Property can act on your behalf with a tailored strategy providing you with the confidence and assurance to take the next step with us. Often, Off-Market / Pre-Market home purchases occur when vendors simply contact a Buyer’s Agent to gauge if buyers are interested in purchasing properties similar to their own. Off-Market / Pre-Market sales are where savvy home buyers or property investors avoid the pitfalls of buying at auction, where emotions run high and the quoted price is painfully unrealistic.

Dream Home, New Home, First Home Or First/ Next Investment… Let’s Find It!

We know most people have a limited amount of time to do all of the things they need to get done. When choosing a property it’s frustrating and tiring spending unproductive hours scrolling through the online real estate sites, short-listing potential homes that turn out to be all wrong for you, playing phone tag with selling agents and traipsing through properties at open for inspections on your weekends (or worse taking time off work) with hundreds of other buyers. This is time consuming, stressful and not the most strategic way to approach your upcoming purchase. Eliminate this stress and let us manage the entire buying process for you.

As Melbourne’s most trusted buyer agents, Your Australian Property understands the Melbourne property market can be complicated, stressful and time-consuming. With 30+ years’ industry experience, our buyer agents live and breathe the Melbourne property market and have the established networks and contacts all over Melbourne to make things happen. 

​When you have us on your side, you’re getting a buyer’s agent who really does specialise in the Melbourne market. Our experienced and seasoned buyer agents can help you purchase the right property at the right price quickly and stress-free, by narrowing your selection. Whether you’re upgrading, searching for your ideal home, securing an investment property, a first home owner or relocating, it’s all about finding the RIGHT PROPERTY that matches your individual requirements and property goals. More importantly, we’re about helping you make the right decision in the first instance because we know it will save you money and time while putting you in the best position for asset wealth.  So whatever your needs may be, come and talk to us.

​More importantly, we’re about helping you make the right decision in the first instance because we know it will save you money and time while putting you in the best position for asset wealth.  So whatever your needs may be, come and talk to us.

Why You Need a Buyer’s Agent?

Frustrated at not finding the right property within a reasonable time-frame? Need expert property assistance and support…

Your Australian Property is an independent, boutique buyer’s agency with over 30 years industry experience and expert knowledge of the Melbourne property market. We provide a buyer agents service for homebuyers and investors alike. This service is a full property buying service which can be easily tailored to your individual requirements. Our team of experienced and expert buyer’s agents will also be beside you throughout your entire property buying journey, giving you an undeniable edge over your competitors – saving you significant amounts of time and money, and providing you with peace of mind. 

Buying a home or investment property is arguably one of the largest purchases you will ever make. Buying a property can also be complicated, stressful and time consuming for many buyers. Statistically, most people on average will only purchase a property once every 15 years. Just as someone selling property would utilise a selling agent to secure the best price, a buyer’s agent solely represents the best interests of the buyer and works to secure the best outcome for the buyer.

As Melbourne’s expert buyer’s agents, Your Australian Property specialises in buying properties on behalf of our clients every day. We act exclusively on behalf of a buyer wanting to purchase a property, by identifying the right property, undertaking due diligence and/ or negotiating the purchase at the right price with the best terms and conditions.

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Your Australian Property is continuously helping a wide of clients from owner occupiers, investors, first home buyers, the time poor or those overseas who all benefit from our exceptional knowledge in property all over Melbourne, at all price points. We always have our fingers on the pulse, have access to OFF-MARKET / PRE-MARKET properties, know what questions to ask selling agents and what information is relevant. We’re also extremely passionate about supporting, protecting and representing your best interests throughout your property buying journey. Virtually all our Clients buy the RIGHT PROPERTY at the RIGHT PRICE within 60-DAYS and STRESS-FREE! 

Frustrated with time-wasting selling agents who mislead you on the price guide or recommend properties you will never buy? Tell us your requirements… Let’s find the RIGHT PROPERTY at the RIGHT PRICE today!

Access OFF-MARKET / PRE-MARKET Properties other Buyers don’t get to See!

Our real estate network of over 500+ local selling agents is your direct link to OFF-MARKET / PRE-MARKET properties, private listings and receiving access to the best properties before they even come onto the market. Today, approximately 25% of the properties we purchase for our clients, across all prices, are bought OFF-MARKET / PRE-MARKET as a result of WHO We KNOW in the real estate industry. 

Your Australian Property buys many Off-Market properties for its clients

Throughout the entire buying process, we’ll produce a thorough short-list of the very best properties within the Melbourne property market. As we’re connected to over 500+ local Melbourne real estate agents, we have access to more properties than those merely advertised on the internet. These are the Off-Market properties and the undisclosed listings the selling agents usually only reserve for their inner circle only – people like us.  Moreover, by searching for ‘OFF-MARKET / PRE-MARKET’ or ‘silent’ property listings throughout Melbourne you can feel at ease knowing we’ve explored the whole market.  

Your Australian Property can help YOU be “the first in the know” about any OFF-MARKET / PRE-MARKET​ opportunities that match your purchase requirements. 

  • Your Australian Property made the process of buying my first home easy. They were patient, professional and operated with the utmost integrity. Overall it was a pleasurable experience, and I will be engaging them again if I decide on buying again!
  • We engaged Zac to help bid and negotiate on a property we had already selected. He was a delight to work with: polite, considerate and pro-active. We had done our research, but we were first home buyers and new to the market. Zac managed our expectations well and without his expertise we would not h... Read More
  • I contacted Zac after reading the reviews from his previous clients and if you are reading this then call him without any second thoughts. He helped us achieve our goal of buying a property. Very informative, professional and the best part is that he keeps in touch regularly. I still cant believe th... Read More
  • Zac's due diligence was very professional and accurate. Likewise his auction approach, and 'no-surprises' preparation, made the whole experience a lot less stressful.
  • Zac was very professional and knowledgeable. He represented us for an auction and was successful in purchasing us the home, a tricky task in this highly competitive property market! Highly recommend him to anyone needing help with property or an auction.

Virtually All Our Clients Buy 

The Right Property At The Right Price 

Within 60 Days Stress-Free

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