Property Buying Tracker

“Integrity and transparency are the keys to our success,”says Your Australian Property.

Are you feeling confused by the buying process? Are you overwhelmed by all the new properties coming onto the market or afraid you have missed one? Or maybe you are simply craving a clear way to keep up to date with properties as they become available.

Accessing our Property Buying Tracker on-line, you can see it in real-time which properties we have identified, inspected, shortlisted and eliminated for you – we will keep you up to date in real time and you are invited to make comments accordingly. It is easy to use and you can have as little or as much input as you like.

Finally, we provide comprehensive feedback and property advice, as well as highlight the benefits or concerns of each property inspected.

In summary, our Property Buying Tracker:

Central to our purchasing strategy in achieving the ultimate successful result for you.

Educates you by helping you understand the benefits or concerns of each property inspected.

Enables you to make informed purchasing decisions faster and with greater confidence.

Simple to use, easy to read tool which encourages you to become involved.