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Property Investment Melbourne



Committed to Exemplary Property Investment Buying Service

Your Australian Property Buyers Agents team of expert Buyers Agents, Buyers Advocates and Property Investment specialists will analyse your specific property investment requirements to determine the most suitable and appropriate investment strategy for you.

With over 30 years of industry expertise involved in property investment within Melbourne, Your Australian Property Buyers Agents is fully equipped to help a wide range of property investors to buy investment properties all over Melbourne, at all price points. 

It’s simple. We represent you, the investor buyer. Tell us your specific requirements so we can start creating and maximising your wealth stress-free today!

property investment advice

Your Australian Property Buyers Agents has a vast network of affiliate partners across property related fields which can be recommended to you ‘the property investor’ at no extra cost.

Our affiliate partners include professionals and businesses we have worked with in the past who have achieved excellent outcomes for our clients – such as mortgage brokers, financial planners, solicitors/ lawyers, property managers, accountants or building inspectors, etc. Having the right professional support around you, ensures your buying journey is enjoyable, stress-free and successful.

Our Affiliate Partners Providers that we know and trust, include:

Your Australian Property Buyers Agents also welcomes other like-minded professionals to join our affiliate partner network so we can work collaboratively together in achieving successful property investment client outcomes.

 property investment experts
Property Investment Professionals

When buying an investment property, it can often feel like it’s you against the world. Having an industry property investment buying expert like us on your side, provides total peace of mind!

property investment expert negotiators
Property Investment Negotiators

As property investment​ negotiation experts, we protect you from paying too much, making the wrong investment decision & being outplayed by your competitors & the selling agents.

investment buyer advocates melbourne
Property Investment Advocates

Buying an investment property on your own can be very risky. Our expert property investment buyers advocates​ protect you, by recommending the best investment option & what price to pay.

your australian property buyers agents

Whether you are negotiating a property purchase off-market, private sale negotiation, expressions of interest, tender or at public auction, our Buyer’s Agents have the necessary skills and expertise representing clients in a wide range of scenarios – saving them money, time and stress!

Your Australian Property Buyers Agents have over 30 years of experience and knowledge of the Melbourne property market. We treat your new property like it would be our own, putting every ounce of energy into ensuring you are in the best possible position to successfully secure purchase. 

buy property investment in melbourne

Virtually all our Property Investment clients buy the right investment property at the right price within 60 days and stress-free!

We work exclusively for only you, the property investment buyer – we support you during your entire property investment buying journey

Through our 500+ real estate agency network we give you access to off-market and pre-market properties other property investment buyers don’t get to see

We buy all types of investment properties all over Melbourne, at all price points!

We protect you, the property investor from making incorrect property investment decisions or overpaying

Our unique online property tracker software allows you to view investment properties we’ve identified and inspected for you

Property Investment Service Fees

property investment buyers agents fees

Prior to starting this service, we discuss and agree the appropriate professional fee with you based on your investment requirements and service required. 

An initial engagement fee (part of the total agreed professional fee) is payable, so we can immediately begin finding your ideal investment property. Upon your successful purchase, the balance of the agreed professional fee becomes due.

With access to off-Market or pre-market investment opportunities, we are confident we will find and secure you the right investment property at the right price seamlessly and stress-free!

FAQs About Property Investment Melbourne

Where should I buy an investment property in Melbourne?

If you’re looking to invest in property, there are several things you’ll need to take into account: the cost, the rental yield, and the likelihood that your property continues to increase in value over time.

Melbourne property is highly sought after – but what kind of return on your investment can you expect from purchasing there? And what were the best suburbs to invest in Melbourne? 

HOW TO REACH US: Call us directly on 0418 144 644 or send us a message via our Enquiry Contact Form to find out where to buy your next investment property in Melbourne.

Is it a good time to invest in property in Melbourne?

Your Australian Property’s mantra has always been ‘buy in the best location you can afford and when you can afford it’ and now is no different. If you are buying for a 10 to 20-year horizon, the correction that may eventuate over the next one to two years will be for many in hindsight the time they should have acted.

HOW TO REACH US: Call us directly on 0418 144 644 or send us a message via our Enquiry Contact Form.

Is Melbourne a good place to Invest?

Melbourne will exhibit strong double digit capital growth over the full 2021 year as some of the underperforming months of last year fall off the rolling averages. But there is still plenty of growth and opportunity left in the Melbourne housing market. Therefore, buying an investment property in metropolitan Melbourne is a great move! Our buyers advocates have the expertise to assist you in finding and securing the right investment at the right price.

HOW TO REACH US: Call us directly on 0418 144 644 or send us a message via our Enquiry Contact Form.

What is the cheapest suburb in Melbourne?

Looking to buy your first home or snag an Investment Property in Melbourne?

Well, the cheapest houses in Melbourne are located in Melbourne’s western suburbs. Rapidly developing, the western suburbs of Melbourne has become the nation’s fastest growing region. With increased employment opportunities locally, fewer people are commuting to the city, and although infrastructure and services are struggling to keep up, this is set to change with multiple planned improvements.

HOW TO REACH US: Call us directly on 0418 144 644 or send us a message via our Enquiry Contact Form.

Where is the best place to buy an Investment Property in Melbourne?

Melbourne Property is highly sought after – but what kind of return on your investment can you expect from purchasing there? And what were the best suburbs to invest in Melbourne? 

With over 30 years’ experience in the Melbourne Property, Your Australian Property purchases a wide range of Investment Properties on behalf of Clients, from apartments and multi-million dollars homes through to commercial properties all over Melbourne at all price points. Our expert Investment Buyer’s Agents will help you find the best place to buy an Investment Property based on our knowledge of the Melbourne Property Market.

HOW TO REACH US: Call us directly on 0418 144 644 or send us a message via our Enquiry Contact Form.

What is the best suburb in Melbourne for investment?

Every investor wants to know which is the best suburb in Melbourne for investment. So, what is the best suburb to invest in? Your budget will generally dictate where you buy. As the property market in Melbourne has seen amazing growth over the last 30 years there’s every sign that over the long term, property will continue to be an extremely solid investment.

HOW TO REACH US: Call us directly on 0418 144 644 or send us a message via our Enquiry Contact Form.

Is buying an apartment in Melbourne a good Investment?

The right apartment can provide an incredible lifestyle close to the action, but many locals are hesitant. The truth is buying an apartment in Melbourne isn’t a bad idea, as long as you take care to buy well. Tips – Avoid NEW and go for the older style apartment that is situated in a low density complex (fewer apartments within the complex is always the best option).

HOW TO REACH US: Talk to our team today about how our experienced Property Investment Experts can save you far more than our fees. Call us directly on 0418 144 644 or send us a message via our Enquiry Contact Form.

Are house prices going up in Melbourne?

Currently, home prices are surging in Melbourne, Australia. Auction clearance rates remain high, and the media keeps reminding us we’re in a property boom. Now, with borrowing costs lower than they ever have been, the reassurance that interest rates won’t rise for a number of years, it is likely that buyer demand will remain strong throughout the year. While many factors affect property values, the main drivers of property price growth are consumer confidence, low-interest rates, economic growth and a favourable supply and demand ratio.

HOW TO REACH US: Call us directly on 0418 144 644 or send us a message via our Enquiry Contact Form.

Will Melbourne Property price fall in 2022?

Unlikely. Interestingly all the bank economists agree that it is likely that all our capital cities will experience strong house price growth over the next couple of years with house prices rising 20% to 30% over this property cycle. In particular, the more affluent suburbs of our capital cities where residents have higher wages growth and more cash stashed away from the Covid pandemic are likely to outperform.

HOW TO REACH US: Call us directly on 0418 144 644 or send us a message via our Enquiry Contact Form.

Can I get 100% financing on Investment Property in Melbourne?

Investors can still borrow the total cost of their Investment Property purchase, including purchase costs.  It’s not rocket science, but it’s strategic!  Professional advice is key…now more than ever! One way to achieve 100% borrowings is to tap into equity from your home or from your other Investment Properties.  At this point many lenders will still allow you to refinance and gear your properties (home and/or investment property) to 90%, with mortgage insurance capitalised on the base loan.

HOW TO REACH US: Call us directly on 0418 144 644 or send us a message via our Enquiry Contact Form.

Other Professional Services

buyers agents melbourne

Buyer Agents Service

We are with you every step of the way during the buying process, from the first meeting until receiving keys to your new property.

auction bidding services melbourne

Auction Bidding Service

Tired of being outbid at auctions? Our expert Bidding Agents will use innovative bidding strategies to secure the winning bid.

commercial services melbourne

Commercial Services

We offer expert advice on commercial real estate. Plus we undertake negotiations on behalf of commercial owners, buyers or tenants.

seller advocacy services melbourne

Vendor Advocacy

We manage the entire selling process on your behalf, ensuring you can receive maximum sale price for your home or investment.

Your Australian Property Buyers Agents is a five-star rated business and it’s because we put our clients first. We promise to be responsive and to truly listen to what our clients need. We're surrounded by noise in the property market – Our goal is to cut through it.

With over 30 years of experience, we know what it takes to buy property seamlessly. Patience is key, but never at the compromise of confidence and our clients’ end game. We’re professional in every facet of our work, dealing with our clients with the utmost integrity and honesty.

When clients engage Your Australian Property Buyers Agents, they can expect Buyer's Agents and Buyer’s Advocates that are proactive and passionate. Combining a hard work ethic with passion and attention to detail, we help clients achieve their property goals with ease.

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  • Zac and the team at Your Australian Property did an amazing job helping us bid on and secure our property within our budget. The service provided by them saved us money at the auction and was quite likely the difference between us securing our dream house and narrowly missing out. I can confidentl... Read More
  • Zac is a very trustworthy buyers' advocate and I never have any hesitation in referring my clients to him. His knowledge of the Melbourne market is comprehensive and he is extremely good at negotiating the best outcome for his clients.
  • I found Zac Newbold very approachable and easy to deal with. He always fights to get the best deal for his clients. I look forward to dealing with you again. Cheers, Sunny
  • Zac was very professional, very focused on the job with the single aim, to do the absolute best for his clients. There is no doubt that his knowledge, experience and professionalism resulted in securing the property for his buyers through a very competitive onsite auction. I would highly recommend Z... Read More
  • Looking for a first investment property can be stressful but not with Zac's help and guidance. His knowledge of different areas and pockets was beyond helpful. He was able to find a great investment property within our budget that will give us the best return. It took al the stress out of the situat... Read More


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