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Buying a Melbourne investment property can help you create and maximise wealth for a better future but when it comes to investing successfully. But, in order to buy the right investment property at the right price, it’s critically important to have a team of expert buyer agents and property advisers on your side. Our team of highly experienced buyers agents will analyse your specific requirements and property goals to work out the most suitable investment strategy success based on your circumstances.

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With over 30 years industry experience and expert knowledge of the Melbourne property market, we’re continuously helping a wide of clients who are upsizing, downsizing or investing in property all over Melbourne, at all price points. 

It’s simple. We represent you, the buyer. Tell us your needs and wants and we will find the right property at the right price for you quickly and stress-free.

We Support our Clients at Every Step

Your Australian Property Affiliate Partners

Your Australian Property has a vast network of affiliate partners across property related fields which can be recommended to you at no extra cost. Our affiliate partners include professionals and businesses we have worked with in the past who have achieved excellent outcomes for our clients – such as mortgage brokers, financial planners, solicitors/ lawyers, property managers, accountants or building inspectors, etc. It is important to note, our only incentive we have in referring our professional affiliate partners to you, is to ensure your property buying journey is enjoyable, stress-free and successful.

Your Australian Property also welcomes other like-minded professionals to join our affiliate partner network so we can work collaboratively together in achieving successful client outcomes.

investment property buying process

The property buying process can be quite complex and time-consuming for many property investors. Even worse, you might end up overpaying for an inferior property and therefore wasting your money. That’s why hiring an experienced buyer’s agent is a smart investment strategy, as they can save you significant amounts of money and time stress-free. 

At Your Australian Property, our team of expert buyer agents will always support, protect and represent your best interests throughout your entire buying journey – from the first meeting to receiving the keys to your new investment property – we’re with you during every step of the property buying process. If you are keen to know more about how we can make your life easier and stress-free, we’re ready to assist you right now, so come and talk to us.

As we’re connected to over 500+ local Melbourne real estate agents, we have access to more properties than those merely advertised on the internet. These are the Off-Market properties and the undisclosed listings the selling agents usually only reserve for their inner circle only – people like us.  Moreover, by searching for ‘Off-Market’ or ‘silent’ property listings throughout Melbourne you can feel at ease knowing you’ve explored the whole market.

25% of the properties purchased by Your Australian Property for its clients, across all prices, are bought Off-Market as a result of WHO They KNOW in the real estate industry.

Your Australian Property can help YOU be “the first in the know” about any Off-Market opportunities that match your purchase requirements. 

Buy Right Property, At The Right Price!

property investor advisers
Trustworthy Advisers

When buying an investment property, it can often feel like it’s you against the world. With us on your side, we provide expert advice from start to finish.

 property investor melbourne
Experienced Advocates

Our expert team protects you from paying too much, making the wrong decision & being outplayed by your competitors & the selling agents.

buyer investors
Proven Representation

Buying an investment property on your own can be very risky. We keep you safe by recommending the best options & advising you on what price to pay.

melbourne's property buying experts

Our expert Buyer’s Agents have represented and helped our clients negotiate and purchase property by private sale, expressions of interest, tender or at auction – saving them Time, Money and Stress!

With over 30 years’ experience in the Melbourne market, we continually purchase a wide range of properties on behalf of clients, from apartments and multi-million dollar homes through to commercial properties all over Melbourne at all price points.


buyers agents services melbourne

Real-time searches and filters of properties that meet your needs

Evaluation and Negotiation on as many properties as required within an agreed time-frame

A realistic Estimated Buying Range on your selected property based on comparable sales and current market conditions

Use of our unique Online Property Tracker system allows you to view properties we have identified and inspected

Our ‘6-Steps To Successful Property Buying’ methodology makes the process much easier & less stressful for you

Whether by Private Sale, Bidding at Auction, Expression of Interest or Tender – our negotiating expertise saves you Stress, Time and Money

We can also act as your Power of Attorney, for no extra charge, as part of our service to clients if required

property buyers agents service
buyer's agents in melbourne

Virtually all our Clients BUY the RIGHT PROPERTY at the RIGHT PRICE within 60-DAYS and STRESS-FREE!

We Work Exclusively for Only You, the Buyer – we support you during the entire property buying process

Through our 500+ Real Estate Agency Network we give You Access to Off-Market and Pre-Market Properties other Buyers don’t get to See

We Buy all types of Properties All Over Melbourne at All Price Points!

We Protect You from making Incorrect Decisions or Overpaying

We Use Innovative Strategies Taking the Stress Out of Auction Bidding to secure the Winning Bid at Auction

Our unique Online Property Tracker software allows you to view properties we have identified and inspected for you

buyers agents fees

Prior to starting this service, we discuss and agree the appropriate professional fee with you based on your individual requirements and service required. 

An initial engagement fee (part of the total agreed professional fee) is payable, so we can immediately begin finding your ideal property. Upon your successful purchase, the balance of the agreed professional fee becomes due.

With access to OFF-MARKET or PRE-MARKET opportunities, we are confident we will find and secure you the right property at the right price quickly and stress-free!

FAQs About Property Investment Melbourne

Where should I buy an investment property in Melbourne?

If you’re looking to invest in property, there are several things you’ll need to take into account: the cost, the rental yield, and the likelihood that your property continues to increase in value over time.

Melbourne property is highly sought after – but what kind of return on your investment can you expect from purchasing there? And what were the best suburbs to invest in Melbourne? 

HOW TO REACH US: Call us directly on 0418 144 644 or send us a message via our Enquiry Contact Form to find out where to buy your next investment property in Melbourne.

Is it a good time to invest in property in Melbourne?

Your Australian Property’s mantra has always been ‘buy in the best location you can afford and when you can afford it’ and now is no different. If you are buying for a 10 to 20-year horizon, the correction that may eventuate over the next one to two years will be for many in hindsight the time they should have acted.

HOW TO REACH US: Call us directly on 0418 144 644 or send us a message via our Enquiry Contact Form.

What is the best suburb in Melbourne for investment?

Every investor wants to know which is the best suburb in Melbourne for investment. So, what is the best suburb to invest in? Your budget will generally dictate where you buy. As the property market in Melbourne has seen amazing growth over the last 30 years there’s every sign that over the long term, property will continue to be an extremely solid investment.

HOW TO REACH US: Call us directly on 0418 144 644 or send us a message via our Enquiry Contact Form.

Is buying an apartment in Melbourne a good investment?

The right apartment can provide an incredible lifestyle close to the action, but many locals are hesitant. The truth is buying an apartment in Melbourne isn’t a bad idea, as long as you take care to buy well. Tips – Avoid NEW and go for the older style apartment that is situated in a low density complex (fewer apartments within the complex is always the best option).

HOW TO REACH US: Talk to our team today about how our experienced Property Investment Experts can save you far more than our fees. Call us directly on 0418 144 644 or send us a message via our Enquiry Contact Form.

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