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Property Negotiation Service Melbourne



Committed to Exemplary Service and Saving You Money

Find Property Negotiation Frustrating?

Stressed about Overpaying on a Property?

Let Us Save Money on Your Next Purchase!

With over 30 plus years of experience in the Melbourne property market, Your Australian Property Buyers Agents continuously saves our clients many tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars in property negotiations on a variety of properties all over Melbourne.

expert property negotiators melbourne

“You’ve finally found a great property, congratulations! Is today the lucky day you’re going to buy your ideal property? How much should you offer? Should you make them sweat a little bit or should you make should you make the offer immediately? And, when making the offer, should you offer your maximum purchase limit or leave yourself some extra room to negotiate?

There are so many different negotiation strategies but which one is the best one to use for you – What is your Property Negotiation Strategy? Should you increase your spending budget just so you can secure purchase of this property.

Before you realise, confusion sets in, subsequently leave the Property Negotiation empty handed, disappointed again.”

Is it really worth taking a risk when so much is at stake?


Save Money using a Property Negotiation Expert

Your Australian Property Buyers Agents are Property Negotiation experts who can really help secure your ideal purchase! We will plan and execute the Property Negotiation strategy on your behalf using our expertise to:

Gain an enviable edge over other property buyers

Provide confidential sales information on all similar priced properties, so you can set your purchase limit with confidence

​Protect you from overpaying or being outplayed by other buyers and selling agents during the Property Negotiation

Save you from the emotional stress during negotiations with vendors and selling agents

property negotiation melbourne

With over 30 years of expert knowledge of the Melbourne property market, our property team are regularly and successfully negotiating the best purchase outcomes for their clients’.

We fully plan and execute the entire Property Negotiation Strategy on your selected property, which can lead to a successful outcome.

It’s simple. Your Australian Property Buyers Agents represents only you, the buyer, during the Property Negotiation. 

Benefits of Using our Property Negotiation Service

property negotiation experts

​When you have Your Australian Property Buyers Agents on your side you will:

  • Save money because we protect you from paying too much.

  • Buy with total confidence knowing you have independent buyer’s agent on your side.

  • Eliminate the stress of negotiating with vendors and their selling agents.

  • Secure the best possible price and settlement terms.

Property Negotiation Service Fees

What is the Cost of this Service?

property negotiation service fees

Prior to starting our Property Negotiation Service, we discuss and agree the appropriate fee with you according to your individual needs, budget and service required. 

An initial engagement fee (part of the total agreed fee) is required to commence this service.

Balance of the total agreed fee only becomes payable upon your successful purchase, otherwise there is no further charge!

FAQs About Property Negotiation Service

How does Property Negotiation Service work?

Each and every day, trained real estate agents – professionals who negotiate for a living – go head-to-head with novice property buyers, many who only buy a property on average once every 15 years. It’s an unfair advantage that costs buyers millions of dollars each year. 

House price negotiating is an art and requires considerable skill to get the best result. We understand the tricks of the trade that selling agents use to force up the price.  We also know how to be strategic when it comes to presenting offers at the right time to put our clients’ at the front of the buying queue. Our buyer’s agents property negotiation service is ideal for those who enjoy undertaking the property search themselves but want to bring in the property negotiation experts when it’s time to start the property negotiation – whether it’s negotiating by private sale or bidding at auction. 

With the property negotiation service, Your Australian Property diligently fights to negotiate and secure the best deal for you – saving our clients’ many tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars (virtually all clients’ savings are greater than fee you pay us). Let our expert property negotiators NEGOTIATE your next property, so you pay the right price!

 HOW TO REACH US: Call us directly on 0418 144 644 or send us a message via our Enquiry Contact Form.

Can I afford the Real Estate Negotiation service?

Yes, our property negotiation service is affordable for homebuyers and investors alike. Our property negotiation service takes the emotion and stress out of the Negotiation process and may prove to be the cost-effective resource you need!​ Our expert Property Negotiators plan the Negotiation Strategy and negotiate on your behalf. With so many benefits you are in a win-win situation!

An initial engagement fee (part of the total agreed property consulting fee) is payable. Upon your successful purchase price a success fee (balance of the agreed property consulting fee) becomes due. Talk to our property expert team today about how we can save you money and secure the right property at the right price.

HOW TO REACH US: Call us directly on 0418 144 644 or send us a message via our Enquiry Contact Form.

What makes you different from other property negotiation experts?

Quite simply, our Property Negotiation experts are totally dedicated to ensuring your property buying experience is enjoyable, exciting and stress-free, and above-all you have a fun and rewarding customer experience.

You’ll be impressed by our Property Negotiation experts  in-depth knowledge of the Melbourne Property Market. Head over to our ‘Reviews’ page to read our clients stories and watch what our clients have to say about us.

HOW TO REACH US: Call us directly on 0418 144 644 or send us a message via our Enquiry Contact Form.

How can I protect myself from over paying for property?

Saving money is the main benefit everyone will gain from engaging a property negotiation expert. An expert property negotiator or buyer’s agent have their finger on the pulse and therefore have a lot more knowledge about buying property. More often than not, the expert property negotiator’s or buyer’s agent’s own expertise will save the buyer more money on the purchase price than their fees. 

Additionally, it’s worth keeping in mind that buying a property is arguably the most valuable asset that most people will ever buy. Whilst most real estate agents are professional and good people, they are contracted to work for the property owner, so I personally believe that everyone who buys a property will benefit greatly from using an expert property negotiator to represent your best interests. The average person buys a property once every 15 years whereas Your Australian Property are continuously buying properties on behalf of their clients every year – that’s a lot more practice than a DIY. Even if the buyer lives in the same vicinity as where they are buying, they will benefit enormously from engaging a skilled expert property negotiator or buyer’s agent.

HOW TO REACH US: Call us directly on 0418 144 644 or send us a message via our Enquiry Contact Form.

Why Do I Need A Real Estate Negotiator?

Firstly, you need an expert Real Estate Negotiator or Buyer’s Agent on your side as we MAKE IT EASY for you. We are dedicated to making your life easy when it comes to negotiating and secure your purchase. 

Whether it’s your first property, upsizing / downsizing or an investment, we will take the time and stress out of a property negotiation for you. We love what we do and we know all the negotiation tricks and games that selling agents play. After all, we are expert Real Estate Negotiators or Buyer’s Agents with over 30 plus years working in the Melbourne property market. 

The most important thing is that expert Real Estate Negotiators or Buyer’s Agents won’t have the same emotions and inexperience that most buyers have. A good Real Estate Negotiators or Buyer’s Agents will be able to negotiate a good deal for quickly and stress-free. 

From start to finish we will assist you with every aspect of the property negotiation process

  • Communicating and dealing with your nominated Solicitor

  • Presenting offers on your behalf to the selling agent / vendor

  • Private Sale Negotiations or Bidding at Auction on your behalf

  • Post-auction negotiation Attending Final Inspections with you

HOW TO REACH US: Call us directly on 0418 144 644 or send us a message via our Enquiry Contact Form.

How experienced are your Real Estate Negotiators?

Your Australian Property is an independent, boutique buyer’s agency with over 30 years industry experience and expert knowledge of the Melbourne property market for both owner occupiers and investors.

Our team is led by Zac Newbold, who has a diverse property background and expert knowledge of the leasing, buying and selling process spanning over 30 years’. He has been a fully Licensed Estate Agent since 2001.

HOW TO REACH US: Call us directly on 0418 144 644 or send us a message via our Enquiry Contact Form.

Your Australian Property Buyers Agents is a five-star rated business and it’s because we put our clients first. We promise to be responsive and to truly listen to what our clients need. We're surrounded by noise in the property market – Our goal is to cut through it.

With over 30 years of experience, we know what it takes to buy property seamlessly. Patience is key, but never at the compromise of confidence and our clients’ end game. We’re professional in every facet of our work, dealing with our clients with the utmost integrity and honesty.

When clients engage Your Australian Property Buyers Agents, they can expect Buyer's Agents and Buyer’s Advocates that are proactive and passionate. Combining a hard work ethic with passion and attention to detail, we help clients achieve their property goals with ease.

Happy Client at Your Australian Property Buyers Agents | Buyer Agents YouTube Customer Review Video
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Prev 1 of 14 Next
  • I and my wife were looking for a buyer’s agent who could help us secure our dream property in auction. We found Zac through Google search. In our first meeting, we found him professional, experienced, knowledgeable and reliable. He inspected the property and provided us a due diligence report wit... Read More
  • Zac was very easy to deal with and always got back to you in a timely manner. I’d recommend dealing with Zac to anyone who has any buying needs.
  • Zac did a fantastic job finding the right property for me, bidding, and securing my first one in Melbourne. He proactively communicated updates, which I found reassuring, and intently listened to figure out the perfect property for me. When I ran into a setback regarding finance, he exceeded my expe... Read More
  • Zac and the team at Your Australian Property did an amazing job helping us bid on and secure our property within our budget. The service provided by them saved us money at the auction and was quite likely the difference between us securing our dream house and narrowly missing out. I can confidentl... Read More
  • We engaged Zac initially to help us bid at auction as we are from Sydney but decided to take him up his offer to upgrade us to full service for no additional engagement fee after they correctly identify the house will sell well over the guide so we weren't caught by surprise on the day. We really li... Read More


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