Your Australian Property are an independent and boutique Real Estate advisory consultancy located in Elsternwick, Melbourne.  We offer a range of highly tailored real estate advisory and transactional professional services, saving you lots of time, money and stress!

Many people feel frustrated and overwhelmed with the buying and selling process as it can be quite complex and time consuming.  Buying or selling a property is also one of the biggest investment decisions that you will make in your life. Why entrust this most important decision to instinct alone, when you can benefit from our extensive experience in the real estate industry and expert local market knowledge?  Having us on your side and representing your best interests, will also protect you from making the wrong decision or being outplayed by your competitors.  

Whether it’s finding your dream home or securing that perfect investment or you require other specialist property assistance or advice, our experienced Melbourne team of expert buyer’s agents, real estate consultants and property advisers, are ready to help and assist you today!

Our experienced Melbourne team of expert buyer’s agents, real estate consultants and property advisers, will save you lots of time, money and stress!  In fact, we’ve purchased many properties from studios or bedsitters right through to multi-million dollar homes or commercial properties in all different price ranges and locations right across Melbourne!  View our service areas on the interactive map below.


There were 699 auctions held in Melbourne last weekend ending 31st March 2019 showing a clearance rate of only 58% according to the  Seems that the auction clearance rate is now starting to stabilise, however, given the low- number of scheduled...

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Have you ever noticed how everything in life seems to be getting increasingly harder and much more complex?  Technology, we’ve been told would make our lives, easier, convenient and give us even greater free time and flexibility. But it seems the more tech-savvy we...

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A buyer’s agent, also known as a buyer’s advocate, is a licensed real estate professional engaged by a prospective homebuyer or investor to identify, evaluate and negotiate the purchase of a property on behalf of the buyer.  They do not work with any selling agent or...

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