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Why Choose Your Australian Property?

Your Australian Property is an independent and boutique Real Estate advisory consultancy, offering a range of highly tailored real estate advisory and transactional professional services, saving you lots of time, money and stress!  Our team of expert buyer’s agents and professional auction bidders will maximise your negotiation and purchasing power, assuring a profitable and successful result.

Here’s 8 Key Reasons why we are #1 in the Marketplace, in terms of delivering successful outcomes for our clients as well as for providing a superior personalised customer service.

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We’re Always on Your Side during Every Step of the Property Buying Process. We make sure we communicate clearly and listen to you to understand your needs.

Approximately 25% of the Properties we Purchase for Clients are Off-Market. Our Expert Buyer Agents have extensive Real Estate Networks to give you Access to More Properties than those simply Advertised on the Internet.

We’re continuously Buying Homes & Investment Properties in All Price Ranges throughout Melbourne, meaning we’re always on top of the market.

Our Expert Negotiators can Secure Your Ideal Property at the Best Price, often before it goes to Market or Auction.

With 30+ Years Property Experience on your side, our clients have a Strong Advantage over others when Purchasing their next home or Investment Property.

​We Take the Stress Out of Auction Bidding and Use Innovative Strategies to secure the Winning Bid.

We provide Highly Personalised Tailored Consulting Services and we’re Forever Pushing Boundaries so Your Best Interests always Come First and Exceptional Results Follow.

We can also act as your Power of Attorney (POA) if you wish, at no extra cost.

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