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Your Australian Property are an independent and boutique Real Estate advisory consultancy, located in Elsternwick, Melbourne.  We offer a range of highly tailored real estate advisory and transactional professional services, saving you lots of time, money and stress!

Our team of expert buyer’s agents, professional auction bidders, real estate consultants, seller advocates and property advisers, will always due diligently fight for your best interests independently and also provide you with a competitive advantage over other buyers and sellers in the marketplace, enabling you to make successful property decisions. 

Whether you’re buying, selling or require other property assistance or advice, Your Australian Property has got the experience, expertise and specialised tools and is ready to help now!

buyer's agents and seller's advocates melbourne

Who We Are

Your Australian Property are an independent Real Estate advisory consultancy, and we help you source properties, provide expert objective advice, negotiate your purchase or sale transaction, depending on the service package you choose.  Our team of property experts will also simplify the buying and selling process for you!

buyer's advocates and seller's advocates melbourne

What We Do

Your Australian Property are an independent Real Estate advisory consultancy.  We provide you with the necessary tools and support to put you in the best position for property wealth!  It’s simple. We represent you, the buyer.  Tell us your needs and wants and we will find the right property at the right price for you!

we help clients upsize, downsize or invest in property

Who We Help

Your Australian Property are continuously helping a wide of clients, who are upsizing, downsizing or investing in property.  We represent and support our clients in all locations in Melbourne – we help everyone!  Whether you’re buying or require other specialist property assistance or advice, we’re ready to help you!

Just as the seller is being represented by a selling agent, you as a buyer should also have a professional on your side who will represent your best interests. The reason is simple, the buying process is typically complex and time consuming due to the array of conflicts of interests which are present in most real estate transactions today!

The best way to explain why you should hire a buyer’s agent to represent you in a real estate transaction, is with the following analogy:  If you’re being sued, would you hire the same lawyer to represent you as the person who’s suing you?  Absolutely not!  To do so, would only diminish or weaken your bargaining power and also compromise your overall negotiation position against the person who’s suing you!  Put simply, if the opposing side who’s suing you knows your entire negotiation game-plan it becomes a massive conflict of interest, a major problem! It also makes it virtually impossible for you to achieve a successful outcome! 

Buyers who choose to undertake the due diligence and negotiations themselves, are at a major distinct disadvantage, compared to their competitors who have engaged a professional buyer’s agent.

Buying property is one of the biggest investment decisions you will make in your life. So, why entrust this important decision to instinct alone?  If you hire a professional and independent buyer’s agent to represent you on your purchase negotiations, it totally eliminates or avoids any potential conflicts of interests, ensuring informed and successful purchasing decisions are made by you, the buyer!

Our experienced Melbourne team of expert buyer’s agents, real estate consultants and property advisers, will save you lots of time, money and stress!  In fact, we’ve purchased many properties from studios or bedsitters right through to multi-million dollar homes or commercial properties in all different price ranges and locations right across Melbourne!  View our service areas on the interactive map below.

Our head office is located in Melbourne’s inner south-east suburb of Elsternwick, a well established suburb situated only 9 km from the Melbourne CBD.  Additionally, we’ve partnered with other like-minded independent real estate consultants in Sydney, Gold Coast, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast who can also assist you, if required. 


3 St. Georges Road
Elsternwick, 3185,
Telephone:  +61 418 144 644

We offer a range of highly tailored real estate advisory and transactional professional services, saving you lots of time, money and stress!  We help and support local, interstate or overseas clients.

Get in touch to find out what we’re all about and how we can help you make a more informed property decision in the future.  Connect with one of our property experts today!


If you would like to speak with our team to discuss your property needs, simply drop us a line using the form below.
One of our friendly team members will contact you soon, or you can call us directly on +61 (0) 418 144 644.



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